ESAR is a provider of IT professional services to small and medium enterprises as well as individuals seeking help with their computers and networks. We develop and maintain personal, trust-based relationships with customers by offering a wide variety of managed IT services specifically targeted at your needs. We believe that trust is essential and we always keep all the information confidential. We are dedicated to offer our customers the most friendly, reliable and honest service and support possible.


Not only because we guarantee the highly professional service but also because you pay only for what you use.

Many people and businesses have small networks that don’t require everyday attention. Why would they pay high “flat monthly rates” then? At ESAR you pay only for what you use. You purchase hours of service in certain blocks. You use them whenever you need. For instance, if you’ve bought 25 hours then you can use 5 hours this month, 10 next month and the rest in, let’s say, four months. In a model commonly met at other companies you have to pay for every month that you MIGHT use the service even if you don’t actually need it. Our solution makes the IT support more affordable for individuals and smaller companies.

We work hard so that you can keep doing your job! Whether it is a simple software upgrade or complex network installation ESAR is here to provide you with the finest of today's technology combined with an old-fashioned commitment to customer satisfaction. All of that because…


We look forward to serve you